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The Eugene Adam Collection, Part 1: Solos for Trombone

Eugene Adam was born in Paris on 18 July 1881 and attended the Paris Conservatory where he won the First Prize in 1903. He joined the Boston Symphony in 1918 and retired nearly 30 years later in 1947. During his tenure with the orchestra, he played principal trombone, assistant principal trombone and tuba. Upon his retirement from the Boston Symphony, he played tuba with the Saint Louis Symphony from 1947-1955. He died in 1965.

The Solos for Trombone which form the first part of the Eugene Adam Collection consists of a single hand written folio bound together in string between brown paper covers. In Adam's elegant manuscript (in pen), it was apparently begun while he was living in Paris and completed in Boston in 1935. The folio contains 63 pages and a loose insert of two pages, "Slurs and staccato for slide trombone" dated 1930 was found at the back of the book. The Solos consist mostly of opera arias and sacred songs along with some popular songs which are mostly in a legato style. Trombonists who use Joannes Rochut's "Melodious Etudes" based on the works of Marco Bordogni should remember that Rochut's books did not exist at the time Adam was in school and that the practice of arias and songs was for many generations the primary method of developing musicality and the legato style.

Page 1 of Eugene Adam's Solos for Trombone

While in Saint Louis, Adam played with bass trombonist Kauko Kahila who joined the Boston Symphony in 1952 (he retired from the BSO in 1972). Upon his retirement from Saint Louis, Adam remembered his friend Kahila and gave him a large box of hand written manuscripts, many of which are forming this online collection of material called the Eugene Adam Collection. Kauko Kahila gave Adam's music to me several years ago and it is my pleasure to make it available to the public in the form of free, downloadable .pdf files.

The 49 pages which make up Solos for Trombone were photographed with a high resolution digital camera subsequently transferred to .pdf format for easy download.

In addition, Geoff Lennard has transposed the Eugene Adam Collection of Solos into treble clef which makes this music accessible to trumpet, cornet and horn players. Mr. Lennard's transcription was done by hand and he is kindly making it available for free to interested players. He is kindly offering his treble clef transcription of Adam's music available for free. If you would like to obtain a CD containing files of Mr. Lennard's treble clef transcription, send me an email message (click on the "Email Douglas Yeo" button at the bottom of this page) and I will give you instructions on how you can send me a blank recordable CD and a self-addressed, stamped return envelope (those in the USA must pre-stamp their return envelope; those outside the USA will need to send well concealed US$ to pay for the overseas postage).

Trombonist Thomas W. Cox is assisting me in another way to make this music further accessible: he is embarking on a process of transcribing Adam's music into Finale format for clear and easily readable performance. These files are also be available in .pdf format for easy download and will be uploaded as they are completed. The Finale file versions of Adam's music may be found at the bottom of this page.

While this music is being offered for free, it is copyrighted by me, Douglas Yeo, 2001. The copyright is to ensure that this material will not be downloaded and subsequently published and sold for profit. The copyright is merely to protect the material from being used for personal gain. It is my intention, and I am certain Adam would approve, that this material be made available free of charge to trombonists and other musicians in order to bring us closer to the style of playing and teaching which existed 100 years ago. Permission is granted for individuals to download unlimited copies of this music for personal use. Publication and/or sale of this material is prohibited.

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The cover to Eugene Adam's book of "Solos for Trombone"
Inside cover
The inside cover of "Solos for Trombone" with Adam's signature and addresses in Paris and Westwood, Massachusetts: 124 Bd. Bessieres, Paris, France; 47 Edgewood Road, Westwood, Mass. U.S.A.
Page 1
Solo 1: "Resignation" by Geo. Koppitz.
Solo 2: by Gluck.
Page 2
Solo 3: "Noel Paien" by J. Massenet.
Page 3
Solo 4: "Romance sans paroles" by F. Mendelssohn.
Solo 5: "Stances" by Flegier.
Page 4
Solo 6: "Herodiade (air de Salome)" by J. Massenet.
Page 5
Solo 7: "Pensee d. Automne" by J. Massenet.
Page 6
Solo 8: "Les Troyens" by H. Berlioz.
Solo 9 (beginning): "Bianca Capello" (Priere) by Hector Salomon.
Page 7
Solo 9 (conclusion): "Bianca Capello" (Priere) by Hector Salomon.
Solo 10: "Ave Maria: by Fr. Schubert.
Page 8
Solo 11: "Sur L'onde (reverie)" by Fr. Schubert.
Page 9
Solo 12: "El Trovatore (Cavatina)" by G. Verdi.
Solo 13: "Rigoletto" by G. Verdi.
Page 10
Solo 14: "Cavatina" by Joachim Raff.
Also including "Partie pouvant etre jouee par un 2e. trombone au signe rouge."
Page 11
Solo 15: "Souvenir" by Fr. Drdla.
Page 12
Solo 16: "Ave Maria" by H. Bailey.
Solo 17 (beginning): "Berceuse Tendre" by Leo Daniderff
Page 13
Solo 17 (conclusion): "Berceuse Tendre" by Leo Daniderff.
Solo 18: "Pagliacci" by Leon Cavallo
Page 14
Solo 19: "Jocelyn (Berceuse)" by Benjamin Godard.
Solo 20: "Cradle Song" by Hauser.
Page 15
Solo 21: "There's a Long, Long Trail" by Zo Elliott.
Solo 22: "Ave Maria" by Gounod.
Page 16
Solo 23: "Evening Star" by R. Wagner.
Solo 24: "Annie Laurie" by Lady John Scott.
Page 17
Solo 25: "La Melodie des baisers" by J. Massenet.
Solo 26: "Largo" by Handel.
Page 18
Solo 27: "Cantilene" by G. Goltermann.
Solo 28: "The Swan" by C. St. Saens.
Page 19
Solo 29: "The Broken Melody" by Aug. Van Biene.
Solo 30: "Des kindess Traum" by Herman Heberlin.
Page 20
Solo 31: "Herodiade (Air de Jean)" by Massenet.
Page 21
Solo 32: "Largo" by Handel.
Solo 33: "Carmen" (couplets du Toreador) by Bizet.
Page 22
Solo 34: "Ah! Vous dirai: je, Maman" by Dubois.
Page 23
Solo 35: "Spring's Awakening" by E. Bach.
Page 24
Solo 36: "The Grenadier" (Beginning) by L. W. Hardy.
Page 25
Solo 36: "The Grenadier" (Conclusion) by L. W. Hardy.
Solo 37: "Hearts and Flowers" by Ch. Moses-Chobani.
Page 26
Solo 38: "Longing for Home" (Beginning) by J. Hartmann.
Page 27
Solo 38: "Longing for Home" (Conclusion) by J. Hartmann.
Page 28
Solo 39: "Down in the deep cellar" (Beginning) by F. Kroepsch.
Page 29
Solo 39: "Down in the deep cellar" (Continuation) by F. Kroepsch.
Page 30
Solo 39: "Down in the deep cellar" (Conclusion) by F. Kroepsch.
Solo 40: "Once Again" by Sullivan.
Page 31
Solo 41: "Chanson du Printemps" by Mendelsohn.
Solo 42: "Possenti Numi" (Jehova, guide us) by Mozart.
Page 32
Solo 43: "Herodiade " (Air d'Herode, Vision fugitive) by Massenet.
Page 33
Solo 44: "The King of love my Shepherd is" by Ch. Gounod.
Solo 45: "Love's Old Sweet Song" by Molloy.
Page 34
Solo 46: "Nazareth" by Gounod.
Solo 47: "At The Ferry " by Milton Wellings.
Page 35
Solo 48: "Notturno" by F. Chopin.
Page 36
Solo 49: "Faust" (Salut, Demsure chaste et pure) by Gounod.
Solo 50: "La Traviata" by G. Verdi.
Page 37
Solo 51: "Faust" (Cavatine) by Gounod.
Solo 52: "Come back to Erin" by Claribel.
Page 38
Solo 53: "Fantasie sur 'Le Chalet'" (Opera comique) by Adam (Adolphe, not Eugene).
Page 39
Solo 54: "Les Huguenots" (Cavatine) by Meyerbeer.
Solo 55: "Martha" by Flotow.
Page 40
Solo 56: "Les Huguenots" (Entree du Page) by Meyerbeer.
Page 41
Solo 57 "Air" by J.S. Bach.
Solo 58 "Inflammatus" by Rossini.
Page 42
Solo 59 "Calvary" by R. Rodney.
Solo 60 "Werther" (Le Lied d'Ossian) by Massenet.
Page 43
Solo 61 "La Favorite" (un femme inconnue) by Donizetti.
Solo 62 "Mignon" by Ambroise Thomas.
Page 44
Solo 63 "La Favorite" (ange si pur) by Donizetti.
Solo 63 "Miss Helyett" by Ed. Audran.
Ending autograph: "Finis en 1935, a Boston, Mass, U.S.A.," "Eugene Adam, Boston Symphony Orch. 1919-1947, St. Louis Symph. Orch. 1947-1955."
Insert Cover
Study on slurs and staccato for slide trombone
Insert Page 1
Slurs and staccato for Slide Trombone (Beginning).
Insert Page 2
Slurs and staccato for Slide Trombone (Conclusion).
Ending autograph: "Eugene Adam 1930, Boston, Mass. U.S.A."

Eugene Adam's "Solos for Trombone" transcribed for Finale
by Thomas W. Cox

Solo 1. "Resignation" by George Koppitz
Solo 2. "Dance of the Blessed Spirits" from "Orpheus and Euridice" by Christoph Gluck
Solo 3: "Noel Paine" by Jules Massenet
Solo 4: "Romance sans Paroles" by Felix Mendelssohn
Solo 5: "Stances" by Ange Flegier
Solo 6: "Herodiade (air de Salome)" by Jules Massenet

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