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accompanied by pianist David Chapman and
The Williams Fairey (Brass) Band, Thomas Wyss, conductor

Manchester, England (August 2001)

An Egon digital recording, produced by Brian Hillson
Egon SFZ 107

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The reviews speak for themselves:

On August 22 and 23, 2001, I participated in recording sessions for a new compact disc (titled Two Of A Mind) of solos and duets for tenor and bass trombone accompanied by piano and brass band. Tenor trombonist Nick Hudson, principal trombonist of the Williams Fairey Band (based in Stockport, England) collaborated with me to make this new recording which will be released in early 2002. A third recording session was held on August 24 to record solos Nick played with the band.

Following on the success of my first solo CD, "Proclamation" (which was made with Britain's Black Dyke Mills Band accompanying me) the opportunity to make another recording with brass band was irrestible. Nick and I decided to work together on this album to provide some interesting new music and a different kind of sound, mixing solos and duets for trombones and piano and brass band accompaniment. David Chapman was our piano accompanist (he had previously accompanied Nick on his "New Horizons" solo CD) and the Williams Fairey Band, under the direction of resident conductor Thomas Wyss provided the brass band accompaniment.

This recording contains a number of firsts: the first recorded collaboration with a principal player from a championship section British brass band with a trombonist from a major American symphony orchestra; first performances and recordings of new works by Eric Ewazen and Lawrence Wolfe; premiere recordings of nine works.

The Executive Producer of the CD is Egon, the recording arm of the Salvation Army, with Brian Hillson of BH Sforza producing, recording, engineering and editing. Two Of A Mind Was released on March 28, 2002. In addition, you can visit the Nick Hudson Website for information about Nick's many music related activities.

We recorded 13 pieces for the album, which include:

Nick Hudson and I are shown here outside the concert hall at the University of Manchester where the recording sessions were held.

Pianist David Chapman is shown here practicing before our first session.

I am shown here playing while levels were being set for the first recording session.

Here Nick and I are listening to playbacks while Brian Hillson's recording assistant, Daniel Lock, makes adjustments.

The cornet section of the Williams Fairey Band:Soprano Cornet - Kevin Crockford, Principal Cornet - Brian Taylor, Co Principal Cornet - Lee Rigg, Solo Cornet - Neil Heywood, Repiano Cornet - Pete Shaw, 2nd Cornets - Graham Williams, Simon Menin, 3rd Cornets - Jim Leggat, Martyn Booth.

The horn, baritone, euphonium, bass and percussion sections of the Williams Fairey Band: Flugel Horn - Gary Parker (Mark Wilkinson played flugelhorn on Concertino and My Funny Valentine Solo Horn - Owen Farr, 1st Horn - Simon Jones, 2nd Horn - Robbie Cargill, 1st Baritone - Nigel Beasley, 2nd Baritone - Andy Lawton, Solo Euphonium - Steven Miles, 2nd Euphonium - Ian Yates, Eb Basses - Ken Ferguson, Will Evans, BBb Basses - Carl Richardson, Phil Fox Percussion - Paul Lovatt-Cooper, Daniel Maines, Gavin Pritchard

The trombone section of the Williams Fairey Band: Solo Trombone - Nick Hudson (James Garlick played solo trombone on Concertino and My Funny Valentine, 2nd Trombone - Andy Gillooly, Bass Trombone - Gareth "Hefti" Beckwith.

Adrian Drover, who composed Mr. Nice Guy which I recorded with band, and arranged My Funny Valentine which Nick recorded with band, came to the second session. He is seen here with me as we frame the solo part to Mr. Nice Guy.

Nick and me after the first day of recording.

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