Daniel Chester French

"The Slocum Memorial"

Daniel Chester French's "Slocum Memorial" was completed in 1909 and is a splendid stile in the style of his Melvin Memorial, showing an image of an angel cut in shallow relief emerging from a vertical block of granite. The right arm, which is raised to lift some drapery, is quite similar to the pose in the "Melvin Memorial."

The "Slocum Memorial" is falling into disrepair due to its setting. While situating the monument under a grove of pine trees has given the "Slocum Memorial" a powerful setting, sap from the trees and a lack of sunlight directly on the monument is causing the stile to take on a green patina. Also, the engraving of family names on the back panel is significantly worn away.

The "Slocum Memorial" is notable in another respect: it is believed to have been executed by French's assistant, Evelyn Longman (1874-1954), who was the only woman French allowed to do his work.

The Slocum Memorial is located in Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, near Boston.

All photos below were taken by Douglas Yeo in March 2003.

The "Slocum Memorial in situ, shown from the front. Note the hedges which invite the visitor toward the monument.

A closer view of the "Slocum Memorial." The bed of pine needles at the base of the monument is testimony to the large number of pine trees in the surrounding area.

A closer view of the "Slocum Memorial." The damage being done to the monument by pine tree sap and nearly constant shade from the sun is evident. A conservator has cleaned away the green patina from the face of the angel.

A close up view of the angel's head and hands. The angel's face is quite poetic - plaintiff and somewhat sorrowful.

A view of the back side of the "Slocum Memorial." Names of deceased members of the Slocum family are carved on this panel but they are barely readable, having fallen victim to the pine tree sap and shade which covers the monument.

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